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I love moments of true emotion. Behind the lens, I’m given the distinct honor of capturing a moment in time and allowing it to exist for minutes, hours, days after it ended. The humanity of the world, frozen in time and space, captured for future generations to see. 

a season dedicated to humanity

Over the years, I've realized that in order to make good design, you have to really understand who you are designing for. It takes a careful and thoughtful understanding of the way people will engage with it. Whether it is the weight or texture of a business card or the way light shines through the window of a family's kitchen on a crisp spring day, each require a thorough consideration of all aspects of the design.

I believe good design starts with a humble heart and open ears. It starts with an honest conversation about the product, place, or intention. My job as a designer is to distill the ideas and to translate that for the world. I hope to do just that, through design, architecture, and photography.

photo cred: Raksa

photo cred: Raksa


Raised in a cloud of sawdust, my life was crafted out of wood, laughter, and exploration. Daughter of a maker, I was scheming up fantasy lands and building them in the trees outside my dad's house at a very young age. Inside the house, I served as construction assistant and resident design consultant at the age of 8 for the life-long project of my father's home. My love of design and making has taken me through nerding out in geometry class in high school to studying architecture school for seven years (go vols.) Today, I am a designer at many scales, from 2D graphics to houses to the city scale in urban design. I love the art of translating an idea into reality and that takes many forms. During the day, I am a translator of "archi-speak" to people who want to learn about architectural education at the ACSA where I craft content for our marketing campaigns, conferences, and competitions. By night, I do this and take photos. I love working with people to help make a dream a reality and bring an idea to life. I'm an explorer by nature and love to travel. I believe I have been designed to be a collector of ideas, songs, and landscapes. 

Favorite quote: “It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for – and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing. It doesn’t interest me how old you are. I want to know if you will risk looking like a fool – for love – for your dreams – for the adventure of being alive.”